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Fixing the Roof

Lifeskills Track

  •  Daily Living Skills (Self-Actualization; becoming the best person you can be)

  • Develop Self-Knowledge

  • Learn how to navigate life; pitfalls, rejections, frustrations, stressors; help the patient to acquire resiliency skills.

  • Understand of the stages of life

  • Learning self-sufficiency skills; money management, housing, taking initiative, decision-making, learning how to handle criticism effectively

  • Improve self-esteem and self-image

  •  Improve focus, concentration, and harness and utilize internal drive

  • Respect, manners, courtesies, civility, ethics, honor

  • Appropriate language, communication techniques, expressing oneself, acquiring listening skills

  • Reaching one’s potential; goal-setting, establishing priorities

  • Develop problem-solving skills, coping skills, conflict resolution/mediation skills

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